Dino Extiction Race

Racing Game


Dino extinction race is a mobile freemium video game where you fight and run to survive the extinction and get an impossible love beating the other dinosaurs. On different tracks, Albertosaurus, the clumsy dinosaur, must overcome himself to defeat his opponents before the meteorite destroys the island where he lives and get his last chance to reach his girl.

This game made it through apps.co, a Colombian entrepreneurship initiative sponsored by the IT Ministry of Colombia, MinTIC. We participated in a module called “Discovery of Creative Industries”.


 Zombie 8

Shooter games


Zombie 8 is a challenging survival shooter where you have to find the cure among 8 stages to pass each level. Will you get it before the zombies get to you?





Sie: The guardian of wetlands

Adventure Game

Pc Game

Platform game, PC The story of this game is that a child receives powers from the forest and has to clean the wetlands to restore the environment by jumping among platforms and using his new magical powers.





Dystopic survival shooter

Pc Game

This game represents a post-apocalypse Bogotá city invaded by robots where the protagonist must defeat them by hitting them with electric rays.




Severalls Asylum VR

Survival horror game.

Mobile VR Cardboard

Severalls is a game where you are an intern in an asylum who must escape without being seen, hide from the guards and discover the mysteries this place hides to find your freedom.




Mini Matryoshka Simulator

 Platformer/puzzle casual game

Web game.

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam at itch.io. The game consists on moving this – difficult to control – Russian doll so that it can find its friends and reach the end of the descending platforms.



Mini Games for AmEx

 Casual mini games: marble maze, classic 8 piece puzzle, concentration game (flipping cards), plane platformer.

  Tablet/touch screen PC.

Minig Game set done in collaboration with other companies for AmEx consisting of 4 casual games for kids on touch screens.




Biker Codensa

 Infinite runner game based in coin collection and traffic avoidance.

PC – electrical bike plugged.

Biking game done in collaboration with various companies for the company Codensa





Dance Dance Penguin

 Dance Game

PC – external circuit connected for game buttons.

This game was a collaboration of various companies to provide a dance game experience to Club Social. Follow the penguin and dance the right steps.