Bogotá, Colombia
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Here you will see some of our works. Some of them are advertising games, some educational games and others are games that we intend to publish and sell. If you need one or want to support us, be sure to inform us.

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We develop our own IP through video games, feel free to invest on us if you like it; we also create customized games, such as advertising games and educational games.


We create immersive experiences like virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.


We look for ways to connect people through digital technologies, turning ideas into functional applications.

Interactive Experiences

The new technologies are fundamental for the new economical development.

Augmented Reality

It shows us a real scenery where virtual elements are projected on unexpected points.

Virtual Reality

A 3D virtual environment that fully surrounds you, in which you can interact in different ways.

Mixed Reality

With this one, you can interact with virtual and real elements at once, the most immersive experience of all.


We are a

video game development company with experience in mobile and PC platforms. We’ve been related to edugames, advergames and are plunging into high quality original games. What we want to do the most in our games is to tell stories, we got a lot to tell and this is a nice way to make the user interact with those stories.

Our work style

The Secret of our work


Fulfilling the deadlines is our commitment.


Adapting to the challenges.


Always updated for the challenges of the future.


The best complementary work team.

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